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Chilcott's four-movement setting of the Latin Gloria will be welcomed by choirs looking for an uplifting and jubilant concert work. The driving 'Gloria in excelsis Deo' features syncopated rhythms and an upper-voice semi-chorus part in the 'Et in terra pax' section, which can be taken from the main choir. The tender yet majestic 'Domine Deus' leads into the lyrical 'Qui tollis peccata mundi', with interweaving melodic lines that express the solemnity of the text. Finally, the dancing 'Quonium tu solus sanctus' keeps singers on their toes with its upbeat tempo and lively cross-rhythms, culminating in exultant 'Amen's for a suitably exhilarating ending.

Composer: CHILCOTT, Bob (1954-)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Instrumentation: SATB div. / Brass quintet / timpani / organ
Language: Latin
Duration: 12mins
Gloria in excelsis Deo
Domine Deus
Qui tollis peccata mundi
Quoniam tu solus sanctus

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The Heavenly Aeroplane

"The Heavenly Aeroplane" is full of Rutter's joie de vivre and can be performed with piano or with double bass/bass guitar and drums, or even with a full orchestra - parts are on hire from OUP. There are few musical difficulties but clearly the choir must enter the rock 'n' roll spirit and be prepared to snap their fingers to the beat. - Music Teacher Feb 2003

Composer: RUTTER, John (1945-)
Publisher: Oxford University Presss
Instrumentation: SATB / Piano (Orchestra)
Language: English
Duration: 2 mins

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Regina Caeli

Originally written for SATB, this hymn to the "Queen of the Heavens" is a glorious work, replete with dramatic changes of mood and texture. The majestic chords of the opening bars quickly give way to a spirited exchange between the voices. This pattern of contrasts is repeated throughout the piece before the final jubilant chords fade away to pianissimo. This is an approachable and rewarding motet, appropriate for any time of the year and in particular, the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Eastertide.

Composer: McDOWALL, Cecilia (1951-)
Publisher: Oxford University
Instrumentation: SSAA div. / a cappella
Language: Latin

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Requiem No. 2

Kobe (Hyogo Prefecture) suffered from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 20 years ago. Since 2012, Hyogo Prefecture Choral Association has been organizing the concert "Pray for Kobe" (PFK) to support the reconstruction of the northeast Japan where the disaster occurred. The work "Requiem - Hikari no Naka no Kamotsu -Ressha yo" was commissioned for the female joint chorus. There are 10 songs in total with both Japanese and Latin texts. This "Requiem No. 2" is a collection of 5 Latin pieces. Choirs can perform any of them separately or as a part of the whole set. The world premiere will be on January 31, 2016. Mr. Chihara's music combines Western and Japanese styles so naturally that it always proves to be very touching and beloved by the audience.

Composer: CHIARA, Hideki
Publisher: edition KAWAI
Instrumentation: SSA div. / piano accompaniment
Language: Latin
Duration: 16'20"
Requiem aeternam / Kyrie / Lacrimosa / Agnus Dei / Lux aeterna

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Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower)

Mo li hua (Jasmine) is a tri-language publication suitable for Chinese- or English-speaking choirs. A collection of arrangements of five well-known traditional Chinese songs depicting the simplicity and beauty of everyday life, it includes simplified and traditional Chinese scripts, as well as English singing translations. A Pinyin version of the Chinese - for non-Chinese reading choirs - will be available from the OUP website.The songs-drawn from across China-are arranged sympathetically and in Chilcott's original style, suggesting a musical fusion of East and West. The song 'Mo li hua' was written for The Bach Choir and David Hill, who gave its premiere while on tour in China in April 2014. The remaining four songs are dedicated to the Shanghai TMC Mixed Chamber Choir.

Arranger: CHILCOTT, Bob (1955-)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Instrumentation: SATB div. / a cappella / with piano accompaniment
Language: Chinese / English
My Flower
Shepherd's Song
Sun is Out
In Sichuan
Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower)

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Half Moon Rising

Half Moon Rising, compiled and edited by John Winzenburg, offers a broad range of choirs an informed introduction to performing Chinese choral music. The collection includes:
- a representative and contrasting selection of works from the past century - folksong arrangements; pieces mixing traditional Chinese and Western Romantic styles; and contemporary settings of ancient poetry
- a broad range of styles and dialects, illustrating the region's rich diversity, all presented with the transliterated original text
- poetic English translations below the staves and introductions containing information on the composers/arrangers; performance notes; and literal English translations

Editior: WINZENBURG, John
Publisher: Edition Peters
Instrumentation: SATB / a cappella / with accompaniment
Language: romanized Chinese
Half Moon Rising (Ban Ge Liang Pa Shang Lai)
Magnificent Horses (Ba Jun Zan)
Tea Mountain Love Song (Cha Shan Qing Ge)
Old Train Song (Diu Diu Dang Ah)
Dui Hua (Antiphonal Flower Song)
Gai Tau Hong Mei (Street Calls)
Ge Lao Huan Ge (Happy Song of the Gelao)
Hong Dou Ci (Red Been Poem)
Ken Chun Ni (Cultivationg Spring Soil)
Kuai Le De Ju Hui (Happy Reunion)
Lok Sui Tien (Rainy Days)
Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower)
Mu Ge (Shepherd's Song)
Pao Ma Liu Liu Di Shan Shang (Horses Run on the Mountain)
Qing Chun Wu Qu (Dance of Youth)
Ru Meng Ling (Like a Dream)
Seui Diu Go Tau (Under the Mid-Autumn Moon)
Shui Guang Lian Yan (Ripples Glisten Away...)
Shui Xian Hua (Narcissus Flower)
Tin O O (Dark Coulds)
Xiao He Tang Shui (Flowing Creek)
Xiao Huang Li Niao (Little Oriole)
Yang Guan San Die (Parting at Yangguan Pass)
Yi Wang (To Forget)

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