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August 2014

Hoc est praeceptum meum

A cappella mixed chorus for 3 choirs, with Latin, English and Japanese text, taken from the Gospel of John 15:12-15, 17.
When holding a joint concert with several choirs, what repertoire do you choose for joint performance? Probably most likely that sounds well with huge number of people. If you choose pieces for double choirs or triple choirs, you will certainly enjoy different type of richness and joy of choral music.
This is actually practiced by three choirs, namely Ateneo Chamber Singers in the Philippines, SYC Ensemble Singers in Singapore and Gaia Philharmonic Choir in Japan. When they have joint concert entitled "THREE" biannually, they usually sing triple choral pieces for joint performance.
This piece was composed for THREE concert in Manila in 2011. The phrase "You love one another" well represents the close relationship of above mentioned choirs, and its finale is nothing but astonishing.
Truely a master piece that both singers and audience can feel that music and chorus can strengthen the love and friendship.

Composer: MATSUSHITA, Ko
Publisher: Miela Harmonija
Instrumentation: SATB+SATB+SATB / a cappella
Language: Latin+English+Japanese

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Arirang for female choir

This piece is one of the songs included in composer's choral collection "Aia no kodomo uta" (Asian Children's Songs), which was composed at the request of "The Little Singers of Takarazuka in 2001)
There are various ways of singing Arirang and the composer endeavored to arrange Arirang to draw out the very melodic beauty of the song to a maximal degree.
The 10th World Syposium on Choral Music is held in Seoul in August 2014. Mr. Matsushita is delighted to have an opportunity to publish the revised version of his earlier work on the symposium being hosted. He hopes the cordial relation between Japan and Korea will be more deepened.

Arranger: MATSUSHITA, Ko
Publisher: Pana Musica
Instrumentation: Sop.solo + SSAA / a cappella
Language: Koream+Japanese (Roman Character)
Duration: 4'30''

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Agnus Dei

"Agnus Dei" is a piece for equal voices a cappella, commissioned by the 3rd Wakayama International Children’s Choir Festival in 2014.
This "Agnus Dei" was composed for collective performance by all participants, including the guest choirs from overseas. This piece uses an Agnus Dei from Gregorian chant as cantus firmus; it starts with a unison derived from the original monophonic chant, and its structure includes such features as polytonal polyphony, polyphony with extended melody, fugal passages with the original chant as exposition and stretto, two chorales with underlying modes, etc. I hope that the melodies inspired by the liturgical past will together create harmony, sounding and blending as a common language that extends beyond time and borders.
Since it was targeting primarily children's choirs, technically it is not so demanding. Still, its tune starting with monophonic chant and gradually extends its musical shape and richly fills with harmony, certainly owe to the genius of the composer.

Composer: SUZUKI, Teruaki
Publisher: Miela Harmonija
Instrumentation: SSA / a cappella
Language: Latin
Duration: 4'20''

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Maria Hymnus for female chorus.

This collection contains three Maria hymns that convey the beauty, tenderness and strength of the Mother of God. Originally, the first and the second songs were accompaniments with wind orchestra, while the third song was written for chorus and orchestra. Due to the success of the premiere, now a version of piano reduction is published so that more choruses could perform it in the concerts.

Composer: NIIMI, Tokuhide
Publisher: Tokyo
Instrumentation: SSA div. / piano
Language: Latin
Duration: 24 mins
Ave Maria / Ave Maria...Virgo serena / Salve Regina

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Christ Is The Morning Star

Commissioned by Graham Ross for the choir of Clare College, Cambridge, this joyous yet reflective Christmas carol will appeal to both choir and audience. It is characterized by a soaring melody, an artful use of texture, and a gentle expressiveness, heightened by modal inflections and the organ accompaniment. The text, written by the composer, is inspired by an inscription in Durham Cathedral by the Venerable Bede: "Christus est stella matutina".

Composer: RUTTER, John (1945-)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Instrumentation: SATB / Organ
Language: English

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Jingle, Bells

This joyful take on the festive favourite would be the perfect ending to any Christmas concert. The choir grows from unison to eight parts, and a string of modulations keeps the audience on their toes. The orchestration features sleigh bells and brass interjections.
Jingle, Bells features on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's album with Alfie Boe, Home for the Holidays.

Arranger: WILBERG, Mack (1955-)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Instrumentation: SATB div. / piano
Language: English

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Mary's lullaby

The choir sings basically a refreshing setting of Silent night as an accompaniment. The Soprano-soloist has a new melody with text by Bo Setterlind.

Arranger: SIXTEN, Fredrik (1962-)
Publisher: Gehrmans
Instrumentation: S solo + SATB div. / a cappella
Language: English, German

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Christians, Awake! Salute

Here's a wonderful way to open any Christmas service! This classic text has been paired up with fanfare-like voices and a driving, rhythmic piano accompaniment, and the result is this joyous celebration of the birth of Christ.

Composer: PURIFOY, John (1952-)
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Instrumentation: SATB div. / piano
Language: English
Duration: 1'45"

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There Is Faint Music

"There is faint music in the night and pale wings fanned by silver flight, a frosty hill with tender glow of countless stars that shine on snow" – this masterful poetic setting is filled with wonderful imagery and opportunities for expressive singing. A lovely and lyrical choice for Christmas programming!

Composer: FORREST, Dan (1978-)
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Instrumentation: SATB piano
Language: English
Duration: 4'10''

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What Is This Brightness Shining?

Like a choral tone poem, this stunning seasonal tableau is an artful addition to the repertoire. A text that asks questions and seeks answers is adorned with expressive arching melodies and colorful chords that create an ambience of hushed awe. The final answers are whispered in soft, shining chords that surround the listener with tender assurance. Special!

Composer: PURIFOY, John (1952-)
Publsiher: Hal Leonard
Instrumentation: SATB / piano
Language: English

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This Endris Night

Archer's setting of this well-known Christmas text is lilting and buoyant, with a memorable melody and charming organ interludes. Suitable for liturgical or concert use, the carol features great textual variety, building to a rousing finish that is sure to fill audiences with Christmas cheer!

Composer: ARCHER, Malcolm (1952-)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Instrumentation: SATB / organ
Language: English

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