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This Setswana neo-traditional song from South Africa is arranged in a typical way used by many choirs in the country. It is a straightforward arrangement with the two sections repeated a few times. Choirs often repeat the sections numerous times, sometimes alternating the movements. Many African choirs alternate the second part's melody between the voices and other choirs that do this arrangement are free to follow the same pattern. The notes of the first part may also be alternated between women’s and men’s voices. Ad-hoc African drums may be incorporated.

Arranger: BEER, Rudolf de
Publisher: Norsk Musikforlag
Instrumentation: SATB / a cappella
Language: Setswana language (alphabet)

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Salve Regina

This Ave Maria is a peaceful work. There is no fixed tonality and the beats change continually what perfectly fit the articulation of the Latin text and create a speak-like effect. Even though music moves slowly, the fugue section and responses between female and male voices generate a remarkable energy. When listening to the changing harmonies, we feel like watching the Northern Lights in the Arctic region.

Composer: HAVROY, Frank (1969-)
Publisher: Norsk Musikforlag
Instrumentation: SSAA / a cappella
Language: Latin

*Composer Frank Havroy (1969-) has acquired his education at the National Academy of Music and the National Opera Academy in Norway. He has been working as a freelance singer in Oslo since 1997 and has been a member of the vocal ensemble Nordic Voices. Havrøy also works as a composer in Oslo and is much used as a songwriter.

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Kyrie et Agnus Dei per tres voces

No composer has made such an impression on contemporary Swedish musical life as Sven-David Sandstrom. Compare with his magnificent operas and oratorios, this two songs are written for SAB choirs with the composer's familiar tonal language in an easier form.

Composer: SANDSTROM, Sven-David (1942-)
Publisher: Gehrmans
Instrumentation: SAB / a cappella / Latin
 Kyrie / Agnus Dei

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The VOCES8 Method

The VOCES8 Method is an innovative new system which enhances neurological development, helping to deliver improved academic results. Based on research by the Institute of Education, it contains group activities based on rhythm and melody which are designed to develop key learning skills and improve students' academic learning processes for all subjects:

-Suitable for small groups or whole-school participation.
-Requires no musical expertise or expensive equipment.
-Supported by free online training videos - see them here
-Backed up by CPD training sessions led by members of VOCES8.
-An interactive app enables students to explore the activities for themselves.

VOCES8, the award-winning octet founded in 2003 by ex-choristers of Westminster Abbey, has established itself at the forefront of international choral music. It has built up and enviable reputation not only for its stunning performances of imaginative arrangements, but also for its innovative education work.

Author: SMITH, Paul
Publisher: Edition Peters London
Size: A4 
Numbers of Pages: 72
Introduction and leading into pop thythm
Pop beat & African rhythm
Pop beat, African rhythm and a first melodic line
Pop beat, melody 1&Latin-American rhythm
Latin-American rhythm with Asian pentatonic scale and vocal inflections
Indian rhythm, pop beat and melodic lines
Layer building

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Mirabilia Domini in Mare [TTBB]

This piece was composed on commission from the Taipei Male Choir and premiered on the choir's 15th anniversary concert, December 2012 in Taipei. The program of the concert was made up of all new pieces commissioned for the choir from thirteen composers in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Oceania. The concert was held at National Concert Hall Taipei. It was a spectacular event indeed. The theme of the concert was "The Sea" and all the pieces were related to this theme. The composer took the text from Psalm in the Old Testament, specifically from Ps. 107(106):24, which tells us that merchants in their ships will see the works of God in the sea, then suffer, and finally be saved from distress. The music expresses the dynamic of this scene.

Composer: MATSUSHITA, Ko
Publisher: Pana Musica
Instrumentation: TTBB div. / a cappella
Language: Latin
Duration: 5'20''

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Ave Maris Stella [TTBB]

In order to celebrate the 15th Anniversary in 2012, Taipei Male Choir commissioned 13 composers around the world to write new pieces for the choir under the concept "sea". "Ave Maria Stella" from the Philippine composer Alejandro Consolacion II is one of them.
"Ave Maria Stella" is an antiphon for the Blessed Virgin Mary. This work opens with the intonation of the pre-existing Gregorian chant on which music of the entire piece is based. The first accords remind us of the stars in the firmament, afterwards beautiful melodies emerse us into the mercy of Holy Mary. The middle section expresses strong emotions through the wide rang of pitches and a faster tempo. In the recapitulation, music beomes calm again with the male voices gently comforting the listener. The piece is so touching and dramatic it takes the audience's breath away.

Composer: CONSOLACION II, Alejandro (1980-)
Publisher: Taipei Male Choir
Instrumentation: TTBB div. / a cappella
Language: Latin
Duration: 6'10''

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Ubi Caritas

Male choral works based on famous lithogy "Ubi caritas et amor." Originally composed for the wedding of the composer's friend. Then the piece was publicly premiered at Alti Vocal Ensemble Festival by Guiness Singers. Suitable enough for a "wedding" setting, music evolves with the theme "where mercy and love exists, there is God," together with rich harmony of male chorus, invites audience to a warm atmosphere. Even though ranges are are bit wide, there are no divisions, so suitable for ensembles as well.

Composer: KITAGAWA, Noboru
Publisher: Miela Harmonija
Instrumentation: TTBB / a cappella
Language: Latin

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The Swallow

This piece is written for SS and piano or small orchestra. This setting is faithful to the original folksong melody 'She's like the Swallow'. The straightforward piano part sets the mood, cleverly supports the voices, and helps illustrate the story of the text.

Arranger: CHILCOTT, Bob (1955-)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Instrumentation: SS / piano accompaniment
Lanaguage: English

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20th-Century Sacred Music for a cappella choir

It is a collection of religious songs for mixed chorus by composers of the 20th century. The selected masterpieces include Villette's "O Magnum Misterium", Messiaen's "O Sacrum Convivium", Durufle's "Four motets" and Poulenc's "Four Christmas motets" among others.

Publisher: Durand
Instrumentation: SATB / a cappella
Langauage: Latin
 Quatre motets sur des themes gregoriens (DURUFLE, Maurice)
 Alleluia (KOECHLIN, Charles)
 O Sacrum Convivium (MESSIAEN, Olivier)
 Promesse De Dieu (MILHAUD, Darius)
 Trois Psaumes De David (MILHAUD, Darius)
 Quatre motets pour le temps de Noel (POULENC, Francis)
 Ave Maria No. 17 (VILLA-LOBOS, Heitor)
 Ave Maria (VILLA-LOBOS, Heitor)
 Bendita Sabedoria (VILLA-LOBOS, Heitor)
 O Magnum Misterium (VILLETTE, Pierre)

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Missa Argentina

The work interprets in a sensitive way the effect Pope Frances, who was elected in March 2013, has on people. Based on three Argentine folk songs, the mass with its powerful and quiet parts arouses feelings of exaltation. The awakening and the joy caused by Pope Francis since his election is represented in the "Gloria". A varied, yet reverent work which spreads this tribute to a great man all over the world.
For the Kyrie the well-known "Brother John" (Fray Franciso) was chosen, which connect directly to Pope Francis;For the Gloria, the composer has included the first four bars of the traditional song "Viva Jujuy" ; The Sanctus is based on the melody of the Argentinian nursery rhyme "Arroz con leche" ; The Agnus Dei take the musical elements of all three preceding parts of the Missa and brings them together.

Composer: SCHRONEN, Alwin Michalel (1965-)
Publisher: Schott
Instrumentation: SATB / a cappella or with piano accompaniment
Language: Latin
 Kyrie / Gloria / Sanctus / Agnus Dei

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Missa Simplex II

The compositional development of the Latvian composer Richard Dubra has been influenced by Minimalism, Gregorian Chant and Renaissance music. His musical language is characterized as romantic. Dubra has said: "…pure music, not using various technical tricks to avoid a single drop of emotion. I feel this is what differentiates me from some of the newer composers." This statement is also reflected in his piece Missa Simplex II. The composer uses a simple and pure way to show the road to God. Graceful melodies represent joy and sincerity. Both singers and audience will certainly enjoy Dubra's music.

Composer: DUBRA, Rihards (1964-)
Publisher: Musica Baltica
Instrumentation: SATB / a cappella
Language: Latin

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Cantate Domino

In celebration of the composer's 80th birthday in November 2013, Schott has compiled all of Krzysztof Penderecki's works for a cappella choir in a single high-quality volume. Alongside the scores of these 19 compositions, the compendium contains a summary of the texts set and detailed commentaries of each work in German, English and French by the Penderecki expert Regina Chłopicka. This selection of works was written over a period of 55 years. The composer states: "My art, which has grown from profoundly Christian roots, aims to rebuild the metaphysical space of the human being, shattered by the cataclysms of the 20th century. The restoring of the sacred dimension of reality is the only method of saving man."

Composer: PENDERECKI, Krzysztof (1933-)
Publisher: Schott
Instrumentation: SATB / a cappella
Language: Latin, Polnish, Church Slavonic language
 Exaltabo te, Domine (Psalm 30)
 Stabat mater
 In pulverem mortis
 Ut quid, Domine
 Alliluia - Asce i vo grob
 Sicut loctus est
 Agnus Dei
 Ize Cheruvimy
 Veni Creator
 Benedictum Dominum
 De profundis (Psalm 130)
 Kaczka pstra
 O gloriosa Virginum
 Prosimy cie
 Grob Potockiej
 Missa brevis
 Benedicamus Domino (Organum und Psalm 117)
 Iz glubiny

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Stabat Mater

Miklos Kocsar set Jacopone da Todi's Latin hymn to music in 2007. The piece was composed for soprano, baritone solo, mixed choir and orchestra. The nearly 20 minute-long monothematic work of one movement presents the suffering and reconciliation of Mater Dolorosa with variational techniques and colorfully alternating choir and solo textures. Using the score, which includes the vocal parts, Stabat Mater can be performed not only with orchestral but also with piano and organ accompaniments.

Composer: KOCSAR, Miklos (1933-)
Publisher: EMB
Instrumentation: SATB + Sop. & Bar. solo / orchestra
Duration: 20mins

*Miklos Kocsar (b. 1933) is a Hungarian composer. He studied composition at the Academy of Music in Budapest with Ferenc Farkas, graduating in 1959. After completing his studies, Kocsar took a position in 1972 as Professor at the Bela Bartok Conservatory in Budapest, teaching theory and composition. From 1974 to 1995, Kocsár worked in Hungarian Radio. In 1973, he won the Erkel Prize.

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This collection includes Miklos Kocsar's female choral music composed at different times and is given a title "Evszakok" (Seasons). The works represent different characters of the four seasons. Songs let us enjoy the pleasure of Spring (Tavasz, tavasz), catch the passion of Summer (Nyar van, nyar), feel the bleak of Autumn (Jon mar az osz!), and image the sunset in Winter (Teli alkony). By highlighting the elements of Hungarian folklore, the collection showcases the colorful spectrum of Kocsar's music.

Composer: KOCSAR, Miklos (1933-)
Publisher: EMB
Instrumentation: SSA / a cappella
Language: Hungary
Tavasz, tavasz!
 1. Marciusi versike
 2. Zummogo
 3. Bokor aljan ibolya
 4. Double
Nyar van, nyar
 1. Nyar van, nyar
 2. Tarlon tuzok lepeget
 3. Hajt a csordas
 4. Zivatar
Jon mar az osz!
 1. Oszeleji kivansag
 2. Madarmarasztalo
 3. Dombok hatan fut a szel
 4. Jon mar az osz
Teli alkony
 1. Teli alkony
 2. Ne felj!
 3. Jo szanut, jo fejsze

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