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April 2008

Missa secunda

This is a Missa Brevis with organ.

Composer : MATSUSHITA, Ko
Publisher : Sulasol
Panamusicacode : FZMTKOW
Accompaniment: Organ
Text : Latin
Kyrie / Gloria / Sanctus-Benedictus / Agnus Dei

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Ave maris stella

This is a cappela for three-part-solo(soli) and chorus in four parts for femal voices.

Composer : MATSUSHITA, Ko
Publisher : Sulasol
Panamusicacode : FZMTKOX
SSAA+Solo SSA, a cappella
Text : Latin

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Kyrie eleison

This is the first of a series "Litania della Beata Vergine Maria", consisting of nine songs.

Composer : KOSTIAINEN, Pekka
Publisher : Sulasol
Panamusicacode : GK2523
SSATTBB, a cappella
Text : Latin

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Let's Get Singing

This edition brings together songs from all over the world in appealing choral arrangements. Over 100 pieces from more than 30 countries span all continents. Choral conductors and choirs will find something to cover all musical tastes.
You will find the wide range of different languages such as Finnish, Serbian, Portuguese and Greek, apart from English and German. There are also contributions from Africa, Latin and North America and even from Korea and Samoa.

Publisher : Bosse
Panamusicacode : KG7414A
A cappella
Text : German, English, French and so on
Singabahambayo (South Africa) by Traditional
Enyonza (Tanzania) by Traditional
3Mvua (Tanzania) by Traditional
Andeleli oboduo (Congo) by SUTTNER, Kurt
!Nosa!oes genesa (South Africa) by Traditional
V'la le bon vent (Canada) by Traditional
Au chant de L'alouette (Canada) by Traditional
Black sheep (United States) by Traditional
Dana dana (United States) by SEKUNDA, Sholom
Cielito lindo (Mexico) by Traditional
Jamaica farewell (Jamaica) by Traditional
Come back, Liza (Jamaica) by Traditional
Peze Cafe (Haiti) by Traditional
Haiti Cherie (Haiti) by Traditional
Senora Chichera (Bolivia) by Traditional
Samba-Lele (Brazil) Traditional
Balaio (Brazil) by Traditional
Tche Nane (Brazil) by Traditional
Tres Cantos Nativos (Brazil) by Traditional
Arirang (Korea) by Traditional
Pusi Nofo (Samoa) by Traditional
Dat du min Leevsten bust (Germany) by Traditional
Wahre Freundschaft soll nicht wanken (Germany) by Traditional
Auf der Sunnenseitn (Austria) by Traditional
Iss mit mir, trink mit mir (Germany) by Traditional
Da unten im Tale (Germany) by Traditional
Kein Feuer, keine Kohle (Germany) by Traditional
Loch Lomond (Great Britain) by Traditional
Os olhos da Marianita/The eyes of Marianita/Die Augen von Marianita (Portugal) by Traditional
Cueillant la violette/Als ich pfluckte blaue Veilchen (France) by COCKENPOT, Francine
Dans le jardin d'mon pere/In meines Vaters Garten (France) by Traditional
La belle se sied (France) by Traditional
Ja dan duia (Finland) by PERKIO, Soili
Se dziedaju, gavileju (Latvia) by Traditional
Kesailta/Sommerabend (Finland) by Traditional
Aamulla varhain (Finland) by HULKKONEN, Jaakko
Vallvisa/Lied einer Hirtin (Sweden) by Traditional
Sto mi e milo (Macedonia) by Traditional
Devojcica vodu gazi (Serbia) by Traditional
Stuca mise, pominje me majka (Serbia) by Traditional
Esik eso/Regentropfen (Hungary) by Traditional
Hej, halaszok/Hej, hoj, Fischer (Hungary) Tby raditional
Janos bacsi hegeduje/Onkel Janos, deine Geige (Hungary) by Traditional
Petelincek je zapieu (Slovenia) by Traditional
Verchovino (Ukraine) by Traditional
Tragoudi tou gamou (Greece) by Traditional
Piano petres ke litharia (Greece) by Traditional
Mes tu Eyeu ta nera (Greece) by Traditional
Give them thy fingers (Germany) by KALMER, Stefan
Ein Jungling an die Jungfern (Germany) by KALMER, Stefan
Wild world (Great Britain) by ISLAM, Yusuf
Singing all together (Sweden)
Der Konig von Thule (Germany) by ZELTER, Carl Friedrich
Erlaube mir (Germany) by ARNOLD, F.J.
Wandrers Nachtlied (Germany) by HAUPTMANN, Moritz
Die Nacht (Germany) by SCHUBERT, Franz Peter
Late in my rash accounting (Great Britain)
Signore delle cime (Italy)
Alguem cantando (Brazil) by VELOSO, Caetano
Corsario (Brazil) by BOSCO, Joao / BLANC, Aldir
Come, sirrah Jack, ho! (Great Britain)
Aftonkvade/Abendlied (Sweden) by BELLMAN, Carl.Michael
Sweet and low (Great Britain)
Hymne a la nuit (France) by REMEAU, Jean-Philoppe
Nocturne (Sweden) by TAUBE, Evert
See the conqu'ring hero comes!/Tochter Zion, freue dich! (Great Britain) by HANDEL, Georg Friedrich
If Hide not thou thy face (Great Britain) by FARRANT, Richard
Vainamoisen rukous (Finland) by KASKI, Heino
Tsur Mishelo (Islael)
Heilig ist Gott (Germany) by SPOHR, Ludwig
Steal away (Great Britain)
If we never needed the Lord before (Great Britain)
Baba Yetu (The Lord's prayer) (Kenya) by Traditional
Sei uns wildommen, Herre Christ (Germany) by Traditional
Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (Germany) by VULPIUS, Melchior
Uns ist ein Kindlein heut geborn (Germany) by BACH, Johann Sebastian
Christ is at thy portals (Great Britain) by ARBEAU, Thoinot
Blest, withouten match (Great Britain) by ARBEAU, Thoinot
Pasli ovce valasi/Shepherds keeping watch by night/Schafer wachten in der Nacht (Czech Republic) by Traditional
Hoe leit dit kindeken/Seht doch, da draussen (Belgium) by Traditional
Bimbo, Bimbo fai la nanna/Schlafe, Kindlein, Schlafe (Italy) by Traditional
Campana sobre campana (Spain)
Slava Bogu na visavah (Slovenia) by KRAMAR, Sammlung
Teraka anio (Madagascar) by Traditional
Fum, fum, fum! (Spain) by Traditional
Sanna (South Africa) by Traditional

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Simple Pictures of Tomorrow

The text comes from a both powerful and gentle poem by Paul Eluard (trans. Bowen) . Combining a highly expressive melody with rich, sumptuous harmonies, the music perfectly captures the poignant message of the poem.

Composer : CHILCOTT, Bob
Publisher : OUP
Panamusicacode : GC2733
SATB+SATB , a cappella
Text : English
Duration : 8'00"

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This is a unique work to try to show a sky rocket by female voices like percussions.

Composer : TELFER, Nancy
Publisher : edition Choris mundi
Panamusicacode : FT0313
SSSAAA, a cappella
Text : Vocalize
Duration : 5'00"

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The five Japanese poems are choosen as text from the composer's favorite book "Road Of The Tinkling Bell" by Tomihiro Hoshino's . He tries to compose melodies that make a text come alive in a new way. He doesn't intend to make them sound Japanse because he thinks it is better when music comes from inside, not from a predetermined style.

Composer : DOBROGOSZ, Steve
Publisher : Sand Castle Music
Panamusicacode : GD3225
Accompaniment: Piano / a cappella
Text : Japanese (with Roman character)

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Chorbuch Mozart/Haydn (Canon collection)

This collection contains the complete vocal canons of W. A. Mozart and Joseph Haydn, as well as a selection from the prodigious output of canons by Johann Michael Haydn. Created primarily for music making among friends, these canons reveal the contrapuntal mastery of their creators, but also the capricious, witty and occasionally suggestive texts.

Publisher : Carus
Panamusicacode : KG0510C
Canon, a cappella
Text : German
by HAYDN, Joseph Franz
Cacatum non est pictum Hob.XXVIIb:16
Das bose Weib Hob.XXVIIb:23
Das grosste Gut Hob.XXVIIb:31
Der Hirsch Hob.XXVIIb:32
Der Verlust Hob.XXVIIb:24
Der Schuster bleib bei seinem Leist Hob.XXVIIb:3
Die Gewissheit Hob.XXVIIb:28
Die Mutter an ihr Kind in der Wiege Hob.XXVIIb:6
Gott im Herzen Hob.XXVIIb:44
Herr Gansewitz zu seinem Kammerdiener Hob.XXVIIb:4
Liebe zur Kunst Hob.XXCIIb:40
Phobus und sein Sohn Hob.XXVIIb:29
Tod und Schlaf Hob.XXVIIb:21
Turk was a Faithful Dog Hob.XXVIIb:45
Uberschrift eines Weinhauses Hob.XXVIIb:33
Vixi Hob.XXVIIb:10

by HAYDN, Michael
Adam hat sieben Sohn MH699
Es packe dich das Gluck MH577
Gluck fehl dir vor allen MH582
Mailied MH589
Vom Gluck sei alles dir beschert MH619
Wohlsein, Freude MH584

by MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus
Ach, zu kurz ist unsers Lebens Lauf KV228 (515b)
Auf das Wohl aller Freunde KV508
Bona nox KV561
Caro bell' idol mio / Ach susses, teures Leben KV562
Difficile lectu mihi mars KV559
Essen, Trinken, das erhalt den Leib KV234 (382e)
Geburtstagskanon (KV89a)
Gehn wir im Prater KV558
G'rechtelt's enk KV556
Heiterkeit und leichtes Blut KV507
Lacrimoso son'io / Ach, zum Jammer bin ich erkoren KV555
Lasst froh uns sein KV231 (382c)
Lieber Freistadtler / Wer nicht liebt Wein KV232
Nascoso e il mio sol KV557
Nichts labt mich mehr als Wein KV233 (382d)
O du eselhafter Peierl / O du eselhafter Martin KV560b
Selig, selig alle KV230 (KVE382b)
Sie, sie ist dahin KV229 (382a)
Trinkkanon KV562a
V'amo di core teneramente KV348 (382g)
Wo der perlende Wein KV347 (382f)

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Gatti heard The Creation conducted by Johann Michael Haydn in 1800 and was very impressed. Then he underlaid the choruses and arias of The Creation with the text of the Mass without doing harm to the admired original with his great skill and sensitivity.
The admiration for a fellow composer has taken the form of quotations from his works or even new versions of his works beyond accusations of plagiarism.

Composer : GATTI, Luigi
Publisher : Carus
Panamusicacode : GG1503
SATB solo and SATB
Accompaniment: Piano
Text : Latin
Kyrie / Gloria / Credo / Sanctus / Benedictus / Agnus Dei

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